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We have recently begun offering a podcast feed of our Sunday morning sermon audio. Here you will find out how to subscribe to our podcast with iTunes.

If you have iTunes on your computer you should be able to click here and it will be automatically added. If that does not work, please follow these steps:

1. Open iTunes.
2. Choose “Subscribe to Podcast…” from the File menu.
3. Enter the following url in the dialog box:
4. Click ‘ok’.

The podcast should be added to My Podcasts as “Southfield Road Baptist Church Sermon Audio”. Then depending on your settings it will automatically list the new sermons as they are published. You may have to click “refresh” on your list.


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One Response to Subscribe to the Podcast

  1. Gary Collins says:

    Always a joy to listen to your teaching of The Word.
    Please press on my Friend. I thank God for you.

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