What to Expect

At Southfield Road we want to welcome everyone to come as they are and our prayer is that no one leaves as they came. Our three main service times look very different from each other and we hope that this short description will serve to introduce you to the kind of culture you should expect to find.

Sunday Morning

Dress: We trust when you visit us for a Sunday morning service that no matter who you are or where you are you will feel welcomed. We don’t have a dress code, except that you are dressed. You’ll see some people dressed up and some dressed down. Some with suits and ties, some with jeans and boots. Please don’t feel that you need to “dress to impress”.

Sunday School & Bible Study: Before the main service we have several small groups that meet for a more informal Bible Study. These have various styles and we’re always looking to offer different kinds of study groups. Bring your kids as well for fun times of games and learning about Jesus.

Music: Our music style is a blend of traditional hymns and contemporary worship songs. When we sing hymns you can follow along with the songbooks or follow the projected words on the screen if you’d rather. You’ll see some with raised hands and some who stay seated. We want you to feel comfortable to take whatever worship posture is appropriate during the music.

Sermon: The sermon is the central focus of the worship service on Sunday mornings as we hear the Word of God preached by our pastor. Expect to hear the text of Scripture taught and the gospel of Jesus Christ proclaimed in a clear and straightforward manner. We strive to preach the messages in the format of one single “big idea” from the Scripture. The sermon is immediately followed by a time of reflection and an invitation to come and pray with the pastors and/or deacons. If you find it intimidating to step forward you can slip up your hand and someone will come to you and pray with you.

Fellowship: After the morning service feel free to stick around and chat with people. There’s usually a group or two that go out to lunch and we’d love to get you know you better.

Sunday Evening

Expect a more casual atmosphere on a Sunday evening. The guys that wore ties in the morning are probably wearing polo shirts here. You’ll probably see a pastor in a t-shirt. The service will still have singing and preaching, but there is more of a conversational feel. The message will go into the “big idea” from the morning service either more in depth or from different angles. Feel free to ask questions during and after the message, and we will have a time of prayer to conclude our time.

Wednesday Evening

If Sunday evening is more casual then Wednesday evening is like a family dinner. Except that there’s more food here. Please come early and eat all the food. There is always plenty to go around and there is always left over fudge.

There will be a short time of singing at the beginning of the service and you can even request your favorite hymns from the book. The Bible study will go deeper into that same text from Sunday, and you are again encouraged to ask any questions. Please feel comfortable dropping in on this service even if you didn’t come on Sunday. We have several people that go to other churches on Sundays so you won’t be the only one.

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